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La Cotizada is our brand of certified organic walnuts, which we grow in the Natural Park of Túria, near Valencia.

Perhaps it is the well-treated soil, perhaps it is the existing microclimate or perhaps the proximity of the crop to your home, but the fact is that you will have in your hands a tasty nut of good calibre, which will pleasantly surprise you when you try it.

Thank you for your interest in organic products, thank you for helping to make our world a more liveable place and thank you very much if you choose our walnuts. We take it for granted that if you try them, you will notice the difference in taste and texture with others. For our part, we will continue to take care of our trees so that you can continue to count on us.

If your interest in walnuts goes beyond taste, you probably know that they are a very nutritious and energetic fruit. Eating them increases serotonin levels, reducing the feeling of hunger. It is the nut with the most antioxidants and contains minerals such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc. Its consumption has a cardioprotective effect as well as promoting the proper functioning of the brain and muscles.

La Cotizada is a registered trademark and our production is audited by the CAECV, Organic Agriculture Committee of the Valencian Community.



Pack of 4 bags of 700 g premium organic walnuts. calibre 38 or larger, making a total of 2,8 kg net of walnuts in shell. The bags are made of PLA film and paper from sustainable forestry. PLA is so harmless and natural that it has been used for years as a resorbable suture thread in surgery.

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