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The 2022 Harvest

Products Speak About Bussiness

If you believe that a high-quality product is essential to satisfy the tastes of your clientele, we welcome you to La Cotizada.

The quality can refer to the flavour, the size, the appearance or its origin. Regardless of the point of view you take, you will find the justification of high quality with our walnuts.

Cultivated in a Natural Park, they also have organic production certification and due to their proximity and properties of the walnut, their characteristics remain intact from the tree to your business, it is no coincidence that the flavour speaks for itself.

How Hass The 2022 Harvest Been?

This year’s harvest has been of very high quality and low volume. Authentic in appearance, somewhat dark by nature and lack of processing, they have come out with a good size, approximately 80% of the harvest has been of 34/36 calibre and most importantly, with an excellent flavour.

As usual, we also have a small production of premium walnuts, which is what we define as extraordinarily large while retaining a good appearance and flavour.

Formats for sale

16Kg Bag of Shelled Walnuts

Jute bag containing 16kg of shelled walnuts with an average calibre of 35. If the recipient is a public store, it also includes a cardboard display sign, where the brand of the walnut, its organic nature and its origin from the Turia Natural Park is identified, and also for self-service 30 transparent organic PLA film dispenser bags + paper from sustainable forestry farms.

Box of 700g bags of Shelled Walnuts

This box includes 18 700g bags of average 35-calibre shelled walnuts, for a total of 12.6kg net. The bags are ready to be put on sale independently and they identify the brand of the walnut, its organic character and its origin from the Turia Natural Park. The material of the bags is transparent organic PLA film + paper from sustainable forestry farms

10kg box of peeled walnuts

It is a butterfly-peeled walnut packed in a 435x315x260 cm cardboard box. If the recipient is a public store, a cardboard display sign is also included, where the walnut is identified (brand, organic and from the Turia Natural Park) and 30 PLA dispenser bags (transparent organic film) and paper from sustainable forestry farms for self-service.

Other formats

Other formats are possible. If the needs of your business do not meet the formats provided, contact us directly and tell us how we could give you the best service, we will try to satisfy you to the best of our ability.

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