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La Vallesa del Mandor is a group of family-owned farms and forests located within the Turia Natural Park, in the province of Valencia, with a total of 500 hectares between the municipalities of Paterna and Ribarroja.

In Vallesa del Mandor, we have dedicated ourselves to cultivating the land since the 18th century, currently totalling more than 100 hectares of cultivation, mostly citrus and walnuts.

Due to its topography, orientation and proximity to the river, some areas of its extension are especially favourable for the cultivation of organic walnut, to which we dedicate our utmost attention.

Nalpa S.L. is the Valencian family business that manages the agricultural and commercial use of walnuts.
We do it with the conviction of offering a tasty, healthy, ecological and local product.

“We know that approximately 80% of the walnuts consumed in Spain are imported in containers from other continents. It is no longer only the quality of the product that is at stake, but also the environmental impact of its marketing.”


The Organic Agriculture Committee of the Valencian Community (CAECV) year after year certifies that our walnut farm complies with the regulations applicable to organic farming, accrediting Nalpa S.L. with the relevant certificate of conformity PV47020209211 and CAECV operator code CV4702PV.

The Listed Company
Synonymous with Quality

We are convinced that the consumer will appreciate the difference between our walnuts, which are fresh and grown here with the utmost respect for our environment.

We grow our walnuts in an artisanal and environmentally friendly way. For this reason, we do not use any chemical product, which may improve the appearance and production, but which in turn harms the soil and the flavour of the walnut. When they are at their optimum ripeness point, we collect them and pack them to send them to your point of sale.


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